Everyone loves getting original essays for cheap and submitting their assignments on time with minimum effort. The PaperHelp.org website is an online writing service that can make this dream come true. Let’s delve into the details of how you can save big time when ordering from us thanks to a coupon for PaperHelp you can get really easy.

How to Get PaperHelp Coupon Codes

Basically, there are three ways to get a PaperHelp coupon code: use one of the codes listed below; get a code to your email as a personalized special offer; or inquire with our customer managers about currently available codes.

  • There are two currently active coupon codes that first-time buyers can use without a second thought:
    • SAVE15 – get a 5% discount on the current order and 10% on the next one (in the form of reward credits as part of the Loyalty Program). You should definitely opt for this variant in case you think you will ever need academic writing assistance again.
    • LESSISMORE – get 11% off instantly on a first-time order over $30.
  • All throughout the year, we send out coupon codes to our customers to activate personalized special offers. Messages may be timed to holidays, study-related events, or particular dates, for instance, PaperHelp anniversaries.
  • If you’re about to place an order, log in to the PaperHelp Control Panel or check your email and don’t see any messages with a code that could have saved you several dozen bucks, you might want to get in touch with our customer agents and inquire with them about active coupon codes.

Moreover, you are entitled to a 5% or 10% discount if you’re the cost of your order exceeds $500 or $1000, respectively. We suggest you contact our customer managers to ensure that everything is going right prior to paying for your large order.

Other Ways to Save When Ordering from PaperHelp

Apart from the coupon codes and ways to get the ones we’ve listed above, there are a couple more methods to pay less or compensate for your expenditures.

The Loyalty Program we have already mentioned lets you receive and accumulate reward credits for every dollar you spend when paying for an order. Depending on the order size, you can get 5% to 15% cashback-like credit into your PaperHelp account. Then, you can use those credits to pay for the new orders – in part or in full (if you’ve collected enough).

An alternative way of spending less or rather compensating your expenditures is joining the ‘Earn with Us’ program. In a nutshell, you get a friend to order from us, which will benefit both of you. On the one hand, a friend you refer gets 10% off their order. On the other hand, you get 10% of what they ordered credited to your PaperHelp account.

In any case, you should know that the PaperHelp essay writing service offers its customers many various ways of saving on their orders. If you’re not sure which method you should use, don’t hesitate to contact our customer managers – and they will pick the most beneficial way for you to order a custom paper while saving big time.