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It is natural for a logical creature like a human being to find answers to every question that comes to its mind. Whether it is about some supernatural experience, a mysterious occurrence, or even a naturally occurring phenomenon, curiosity always gets the better of him and often lands him in trouble. One such fateful landing has haunted me since my school days and still sends shivers down my spine.

When I was six years old, my family lived in an apartment on the 13th floor. The condition of the building was quite deplorable and it was in serious need of an overhaul. The paint was chipped off the walls, the ceilings often tripped when it rained, and most importantly, the lift was mostly out of order. It even smelled like moss and dried wood inside the building. What added apprehension to its overall dreariness were rumors of a female figure often standing in one of the fleet windows. Many people confirmed that they had seen the mystery figure clad in white at different times of the day and night. Since there were no mobile phones back then, no one was certain of their observation as the woman disappeared if anyone tried to follow or get close to it.

As a small child of an impressionable mind, I was tempted to believe in her existence. Going out during the daylight was a task in itself let alone roaming out of the apartment on my own after dusk. One day, I went to play with a friend at her house. Co-incidentally her apartment was in a building right across ours. The two buildings faced each other and standing in a fleet window of one, it was easily possible to look at the other building. While I was climbing down the staircase in my friend’s building, I noticed a moving figure on the 13th floor of our building. I instantly stopped to look closely. Indeed, there was this woman with ragged hair and a loose flowy white robe staring right at me. Curiosity got the better of me and I intently stared at her.   I remember that I saw a small child with her. She just stood there and kept looking in my direction. Just when I turned to call my friend to be my witness, the woman disappeared.

Startled and chagrined, I tried to clarify that there actually was the mystery woman that people claim to see. But my mind did not support my words. I just mumbled something inaudible and collapsed to the ground. My parents were informed and they immediately came to take me home. I regained consciousness quickly but was scared out of my wit to recollect the incident. That night, I slept with my mom and ran a high-grade fever all night. I could not sleep and kept hallucinating about the woman and her child. My mother took me to her psychologist friend who assured mom that I would get over the incident with time. I did get over it but it took me longer than expected.

I do not know whether it was my mind playing games on me by creating a picture of the woman I had heard so much about or it was a real thing. But the impact that this experience had on me convinced me of the presence of supernatural elements in our surroundings. Just like, we can not see germs and viruses with the naked eye does not mean they do not exist. Similarly, we may be quite far from devising a way to peek into the world of the paranormal, but it is a matter of time before we will be able to not only look at them but also co-exist with these creatures in a peaceful manner.